Courses for Erasmus+ Students

Subjects taught in ENGLISH for ERASMUS+ students at ECONOMICS faculty,
Autumn/Spring semester.

If there are less than 7 students – there are given individual lectures, more hours designed for student’s individual work not for contact hours.
Some courses can be unavailable if there are not enough students (it depends on the situation every semester).

Course title Semester ECTS Credits
Applied Mathematics autumn 5
Bank Accounting autumn, spring 4
Bank Audit and Control autumn, spring 4
Bank Risks Management autumn, spring 6
Banking Services Management autumn, spring 5
Business Communication autumn, spring 3
Business Informatics autumn, spring 5
Finance Management autumn, spring 5
Credit and Banking autumn, spring 5
Financial Markets autumn, spring 3
Macro Economics autumn, spring 5
Marketing autumn, spring 4
Mathematics of Finance spring 4
Micro Economics autumn, spring 5
Project Management autumn, spring 5
Taxes and Tax Administration autumn, spring 6
Business English autumn, spring 5
Enterprise Activity Modelling autumn, spring 5

For more information contact:



Danguolė Ignatavičiūtė, Erasmus Coordinator
Naugarduko str. 5, LT-03231, Vilnius, 29 auditorium